The students of the Franz Liszt Center are the winners of more than 60 national and international awards in the following competitions:

Franz Liszt international competition, Rome
Monegrarte international piano competition
Xativa piano competition
International piano competition “Ciudad de Xativa”
Rotary piano competition in Elda-Vinalopo (first prizes several years ago)
Ibiza international competition
Don Juan de Borbón de Segovia international competition
Marisa Montiel de Linares international competition
Jacinto Guerrero de Toledo international competition
Milan international piano talents competition
Rotary Club Palma de Mallorca international competition
International music festival in Valencia
UMB Valencia International competition
Infanta Cristina de Madrid international competition
International competition in Sigüenza
Eduardo Del Pueyo International Piano Competition
Albacete national musical competition
Almuñécar international piano competition
National Cox contest
Pinoso piano competition
Valladolid international piano competition "Frechilla-Zuloaga"
Contest "Intercentros Melómano"
Torrent piano competition
Orihuela international forum
Yamaha competition